Contact Lens FitsWith access to the latest in contact lens technology, our office specializes in fitting contact lens patients who present difficult or unusual challenges. Below, you’ll find some of the types of contact lenses we fit.

Soft Contact Lenses: These are typically the best option for most people. They allow the eye to breathe and receive moisture and can be helpful for those suffering from dry eye symptoms. Most of these lenses are disposable, so you can revive your eyes with a fresh pair of lenses whenever necessary. While we have the most success with daily disposable contact lenses, there are monthly and bi-weekly replacement lenses available as well.

Rigid or Gas Permeable Lenses: RGP’s, as they are commonly called, have been around for quite a while. Smaller than a soft lens, these lenses are firm and are inserted and removed using different techniques from soft lenses. While they may require more time to adapt to, the optical properties of the lenses make them more adept at correcting certain types of prescriptions, including high amounts of astigmatism.

Specialty Lenses: Because many people have special needs or desires relative to their contacts, we offer many different types of specialty lenses. Would you like to change your eye color? Do you miss the days when you could read up close while wearing contact lenses without having to find your over-the-counter reading glasses? Have you had refractive or other ocular surgeries in the past and glasses don’t help as much as you think they should? Specialty colored, multifocal, or hybrid lenses might be a solution to that problem.

We are dedicated to providing our patients with the latest information and technology in order for them to receive the best lenses and care available. Our contact lens fitting goes way beyond the initial visit. It continues with ongoing care to insure that our patients continue to have an excellent visual outcome in their lenses.