Vision and health complications arising from poor contact lens habits are some of the most common problems we see in our office. Many people assume that having good comfort and vision with their contact lenses means they are still healthy and okay to wear no matter how old they are. That often is not the case. Unlike glasses, contact lenses should be considered more like a perishable item similar to your gallon of milk or loaf of bread. Once the item is opened and exposed, the clock starts on the material. For example, a 30 day lens (ex. Air Optix Aqua, Biofinity, Ultra) provides enough oxygen to the eye to keep it at a healthy level for 30 days after it is opened regardless of how many times you actually wear the lens. Similarly, a 2 week lens (ex. Oasys) provides appropriate oxygen levels for 2 weeks. In other words, once you open the lens, even if you are only wearing it once or twice a week, it still needs to be replaced on the correct schedule to minimize the risk of infections that could lead to scar formation and potential permanent vision losses.

Our doctors, with nearly 50 years of combined experience treating eye infections, strongly recommend against sleeping in your soft contact lenses regardless of the brand. It has been proven with countless studies that sleeping in soft contact lenses (even once) greatly increases the risk of an eye infection. These infections are often serious enough to cause permanent losses of vision.

While we fit many types of contact lenses, we are strong believers in the benefits of daily disposable contact lenses. They offer the highest chance at maintaining the health of your eyes, have the lowest amount of maintenance, and are perfect for part-time wearers and travelers.

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